Developer description

Raendel was developed as a solution for adults, elderly, working people, the unemployed, people with handicaps, with mental issues or simply anyone who just wants to talk with somebody outside of their small circle. Just set a minimum distance (and a maximum one) and Raendel will find you anonymously someone to talk with.
Here are some of its features:
+ Local chat. With Raendel you set a minimum distance and a maximum one others have to be and the app will let you connect via chat or call with someone else that opted for a discussion.
+ Anonymous discussions. No personal information is shared so you are completely anonymous. Raendel is about connecting with others outside of your social circle and discuss about everything, anonymously. No photo registration.
+ Caller management. When you get a call via Raendel you see the basic information they set (including the distance from you) and can accept or block that call/contact if you find it abusive.
+ History. The app saves a history of your chats so you can revisit later what you discussed about or access quickly your previous contacts.
+ Multi-language. It’s an universal app, you register your own language and the app filters out matches. No borders.
When you are lonely, a simple chat can make a big difference. Raendel helps those that need to chat outside of their social networking profiles. Plus, it is available for free on Google Play:

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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