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Looking for an easy way to poll your Twitter followers?
Raiwitter is a Twitter Application that ... More

Editor's review

Published 12 Sep 2011

If you ever want to poll your Twitter followers (and I can see the many reasons you would) then this is the application for you. Raiwitter is the simplest of free survey tools. It only has one use and that's to count the number of your followers who agree and disagree with your mind bending Twitter tweets.

Raiwitter couldn't be simpler to use and there's no downloading or sign up required. It is a Twitter Application that classifies the tweets in some hashtag into two categories: with (yes for) and against (no for) along with statistics for each, like how many times it’s been tweeted, how many participated in the poll, and the active users. The simple interface encourages the user to add #y4 to their tweet in any hashtag if they agree or #n4 if they disagree. All you have to do then is to nudge people around you to do so as well and then search for the main hashtag to discover what people think!

There's not a lot of thought involved in Raiwitter unless, of course you used it to poll customers in a business situation (now there's an idea.) I don't think I've had enough tweets returned on my tweets to worry the fingers on one of my hands let alone this app. For what it does it succeeds admirably. It just doesnt do too much.