Developer description

Rana Easy is a pleasant puzzle game for adults and kids. The objective is to help frog Rana to find the best route to the finish, where his girl friend Cidu awaits. Sometimes the shortest route is requested, and sometimes the longest route. There are also levels where you have to collect animals, visit squares, and free animals from their cages.

Playing the game is straightforward: tap one of the allowed neighbour squares, surrounded with a frame. In the course of the game you will learn all kind of tricks building the path of hops to Cidu. For example, some squares must be visited twice or even more times. Squares will be greyed if they can not be visited anymore. The game helps you puzzling out the path. You can always take back a hop to try another path. And, the game also provides hints on request.

At the end of a level your score is shown by 3 leaderboards: latest scores, worldwide high scores, and scores of your friends. If you want to improve your score then play a little quicker, prevent takebacks and hints, and visit horses and crabs rather than apes and elephants.

The screen shows your number of hops. Try to end in the green area for a perfect score. You will then gain another coin, so that you can keep playing all levels. Each level costs one coin, but then you can play it forever even if you might fail. Apart from a perfect score you can also gain coins by inviting friends: you will then see their scores so that you can try to beat them. And, if you are really out of coins, then you just have to take a short break. Severely addicted players have the option to buy some coins.

So, if you are looking for challenge and fun, then Rana Easy is your best choice!

Last updated 10 Nov 2015