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Developer description

In spite of what Google guidelines and some SEO gurus say, search engine rank tracking doesn’t seem to become obsolete anytime soon. Indeed, webmasters and marketing specialists still need a way to see how well websites are performing, whether they go up or down as a result of SEO efforts and how they compare to competitors. At the same time, spending hours or even days for safe rank checking is not an option for many webmasters today. Knowing this, RankSonic offers almost instant rank checking with daily reports, customizable dashboard and in-depth competition analysis.
The web service tracks Google and Bing rankings with respect to region and language of the search and provides all the tools required for comfortable analysis of the data. Among features RankSonic offers as standard are multi-user login for sharing ranking data with a client or for collaboration, keyword grouping, historical reports and search volume analysis to put focus on the most popular keywords first. And with the ability to track Google AdWords, monitor backlinks and integrate with Google Analytics RankSonic delivers almost everything a SEO needs to keep abreast of website performance.
RankSonic tracks more than 1 billion keywords a day and introduces new features weekly to ensure the most accurate rankings and the most convenient interpretation of them delivered in the preferred form directly to a user. The service is also the fastest among competitors and is 100% White Label friendly, meaning a webmaster can install the platform on his or her own website and offer rank tracking services under his or her brand.
Pricing and availability RankSonic rank tracker is available in several pricing plans varying from $19.95 to $149.95 per month. Also available are a free 14 days trial and a custom plan allowing a user to manually adjust the number of websites, search engines and keywords to check.

Last updated 18 Mar 2015