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RapidSpike is an uptime and performance monitoring service for websites and web applications. It ... More

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Published 15 Oct 2015

One of the consequences of the age we live in is the rise of the business website and online store. There are more and more people who have either given up on the regular Main Street store or have decided that they are sick of working for someone else and want to go out on their own. So they create their website or app and reckon it's all downhill from here as they wait for the money to roll in. Maybe a little naively, some believe that once they've unleashed their online presence onto the world, most of the hard work is done. As you can imagine, it's not quite as simple as that.

If you rely on your website or app to sell goods or generate enquiries and leads the most important thing is to ensure that your site is monitored so that you will always know that it is working to it's optimum level. Have you considered how you will find out if your website goes down? You'll soon discover that website down-time automatically leads to lost sales, abandoned carts and missed leads. Repeated outages may even result in damage to your business reputation and the possible loss of customer loyalty. How will you know if your hosting provider is doing a good job? We've all been frustrated by slow page loads when searching and many of us won't bother to return. Is the advertising budget being well-spent? Ad campaigns can result in wasted time and money if the new traffic overwhelms your server’s bandwidth.

RapidSpike is an automated and versatile, uptime and performance monitoring service for websites, web apps, web server, mail server, FTP server, API and network devices that simplifies the process of monitoring, alerting and reporting. It supports your online presence and ensures your customers' a positive user experience. It is great for identifying problems, measuring performance and improving capacity planning but its main aim is to give you the chance to react immediately if outages and other problems take place. RapidSpike constantly monitors your online business and sends out down-time text alerts to your phone, email or your chosen social networks if there is a problem. You will know straight away and wherever you are.

The app monitors your online activities at different levels - network, services and application - to deliver more accurate cause analysis. It tracks your performance over time and keeps an ongoing log of down-time incidents on every monitor within your system. It also gives you a clear graph of response times for each monitor so you can determine the speed of your website. You can use this data to determine any weaknesses in your hosting or software while comparing your site's performance against your competitors.

We know there are heaps of monitoring apps available to keep track of your online presence so why would you choose this one over the rest? Well, it's main advantage is that it lives up to its name by being rapidly fast. It's also incredibly easy to use. Being fully automated, it does all the hard work for you. You will receive the correct analysis and remedy - using simple and easy to understand reports - on any problem that may crop up. Unlike many other apps, you won't have to worry too much about being inundated with alerts every time theres a small blip either. The app is alert sensitive so you get to choose the level of the problem to be notified about. RapidSpike provides fast, accurate and relevant performance information that will help to increase your bottom line while ensuring customers a pleasant online experience and the retention of their future business.

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