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Enlarge small photos to high resolution with Rasterfarian.co! We use a special method to resize images without becoming pixelated or losing quality. The app is super easy to use. Simply click the 'Enlarge Image' button, and you'll get a dialog for the photo to upload. If you want more control, you can specify the amount to scale the image, or the final pixel size of the image. If your original picture is blurred, we can try to fix it with the 'Pixelated Image' option - but results are variable. Rasterfarian is a free, web-based application that can be used on mobile or desktop. We don't ask for your email either or make you jump through hoops. It is ideal for logos, graphs, and figures in presentations or promotion materials, as well as photos for social media, dating, and job hunting profiles.

Last updated 20 May 2015

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