Developer description

The new Rately Shopping Browser (which is free) for iPad, iPhone and now Android smartphones presents an alternative to conventional shopping methods on mobile browsers like Safari or Chrome. Instead of a highly manual tab management and bookmarking process, Rately offers a more dynamic, holistic, and tailored experience for everyday shopping.
Here’s how:
Shop faster
– Shoppers can move from store to store by tapping on retailer logos
– making navigation faster and easier.
No typing required.
See a visual history of your items and stores
– The Rately browser automatically saves the images, descriptions, and prices from the product pages you visit
– creating a visual “recently viewed” across all stores.
Tag items from across stores
– Rately lets shoppers personally organize their viewed items with custom tags. It can even give suggestions of other products based on the items tagged.
Get shopping inspiration
– Rately generates personalized shopping ideas based on recently visited items.
Be anonymous
– Rately doesn’t require an email or social logins. Just download and start shopping.
For Iphone and Ipad users, we’ve made a couple usability improvements such as: Bugs fix and iBeacon enhancements
Updated help cards
Updated iBeacon support algorithms
In addition, the City of Alpharetta just released the first city-sponsored iBeacon program in the nation. The City of Alpharetta partnered with Rately, the free visitor rewards platform developed by Digital Scientists, to develop a free iBeacon loyalty program in the City of Alpharetta to promote local shopping. The official press release from the city of Alpharetta is here, and you can learn more information at This program puts Alpharetta, and Georgia, at the forefront of modern technology. Check us out in local Alpharetta newspapers, as well as Fierce Mobile Retail and Mobile Commerce Daily.
Quick overview:
- Android users: Download the new app in Google Play
- iPhone users: Download the updated Rately app in the Apple Store
- Shop faster than with a web browser
- New loyalty program makes it possible to shop and earn rewards at the same time!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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