Developer description

This App was designed to be used in Emergency situations.
Contact your family in a case of an emergency, and fast - through the lock screen.
Make sure they will get your help request - their phone will ring even even if it is in silent mode (They will have to install the app aswell).
Let them know where you are - Your location will be sent.
If they are not by the phone - a special notification in their phone will be prompted

Your contacts will have to add you to their approved "Incoming List".
You will have to add these contacts beforehand to the "Outgoing List".

Will help alert you in many daily situations, where you mute your phone:
* Meetings
* Lectures
* Sleeping
* Working
* Just want some quite

No internet permission required!

Main Features:
* Initiate an emergency call from the lock screen
* Make sure your contact gets your request for help:
* Even if his phone is in silent mode your contact will hear it
* Your contact will have a special notification
* Send your location
* Ongoing-Event where your location will be sent every 5 minutes.
* Automatic calling which will call your emergency contacts, by order, one by one, automatically
* Control who can reach you when your phone is in silent mode

Last updated 27 Dec 2017

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