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Monetize your Facebook with this next gen social shop

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Published 28 Apr 2013

[cont'd] top of the latest social ecommerce trends giving you the ability to effectively leverage Facebook and increase social sales.
Raves is a very clever business app that is surely the future of online advertising. Facebook now has a potential audience of close to one billion users but, more importantly, nearly everyone in your local area probably has an account and most people are pretty comfortable with opening one. This gives you such a great platform to turn them into customers and Ravox gives you an easy way to open up an online shop and sell to them. It's the ultimate platform for social selling - until something else comes along. The app is easy to use and is so easy to navigate that no one will have a problem using it. Ravox is one of those great apps for small business that gives you a chance to compete with the big boys and increase your sales.