Developer description

Raygun is the best way to report, report and blast errors in your software. With extensive support for many different programming languages and frameworks you can have Raygun integrated in minutes.

Raygun gives a fantastic dashboard of your app health, the trends in errors and intelligently groups similar errors so you're not having to deal with information overload.

Raygun can smartly email you about problems too - rather than one email per error it will only email you when we see a new error, the error is reoccurring at regular intervals or the threshold of errors has been broken (for example you may have an error that happens once an hour that you don't care much about but you sure want to know if it suddenly spikes to 500 per second!).

Raygun is perfect for teams and indie developers, you can monitor many apps from Raygun and have your whole team setup with your account.

Get the in depth data you need from any given error so you can fix up bugs quickly. You'll never know how you did without Raygun for intelligent error reporting in your software.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015