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Whether you've got six minutes until your bus is due, 36 minutes until your favourite TV show begins, or 56 minutes until your dinner is ready, will point you towards interesting articles from around the web.
Select a number of minutes and it scours a database (containing links to The Atlantic, ESPN, GQ, The Quietus, Wired, The Guardian, among many others) to find something that will keep you occupied for that length of time. The average adult reads at 250 words per minute so we use a calculation of number of words in an article ÷ 250. An 8,000 word article takes 32 minutes to read - if you find this too slow or fast, you can adjust your selection accordingly.Think of it as a StumbleUpon for longform journalism, which has seen a remarkable renaissance since tablets and eReaders became commonplace.
There are so many ways available to be kept informed of the best online content. Using social media, RSS feeds and email newsletters, many people are building reading lists they're unlikely to ever make a dent in. Rather than giving you the option to collate things to read, the focus of is on letting you discover and consume timeless content more efficiently.
There are currently over 2,000 connected articles containing over 10 million words. Consumed back-to-back that would keep you busy for around 29 days. It's completely free to use, with plans in the pipeline for mobile apps and browser extensions. Next time you're stuck for something to read, give a try.

Last updated 13 Jul 2014

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