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The perfect iPhone app for when you forget or lose your glasses

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The Reader Glasses iPhone app is ideal for reading a menu, directions; a prescription package ... More

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Published 2 May 2013

I guess many of us are getting to the point in our lives now where we could do with a pair of eye glasses to read much of the small print that is presented to us. My eyes are pretty good but in a dimly lit restaurant even I have a problem telling the difference between a spicy and a very very spicy Tom Yum soup in my local Thai restaurant - until it hits my mouth, of course. This Reading Glasses App for iPhone is perfect for reading the fine print on a menu when you have lost or forgotten your normal reading glasses and don't want to turn your mouth into the epicurial equivalent of Mount Vesuvius.
The Reader Glasses iPhone app is ideal for reading a menu, checking travel directions, reading the fine print on a prescription package insert or even reading Gideon's bible (or it's modern day equivalent - Fifty Shades of Gray) or any other fine print when you have forgotten or lost your reading glasses. But, even better than that, is the local flashlight that illuminates the text - particularly good for those dimly lit areas in the corner of your local Thai restaurant.You can easily zoom in or out or just use the fixed diopter setting that is best suited to your eyes - just like the reading glasses that you forgot to bring with you. Reader Glasses brings everything into focus.
Reader Glasses for iPhone is really a reader, glasses...