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I and my 2 friends developed a personalized news recommendation service Readian News. All of us have been reading the news since we started university. We tried many services to keep our news tidy. Flipboard, Feedly, Pocket, even Twitter, They all were too limited for us in various ways. Finally, we decided to build our own thing, that way we would be able to add any feature we want.

Unlike other news services like Flipboard or Apple News, we let users add any news source and interest. We do not limit users to common tags like `Entertainment`. Users can add any interest or website they know and get personalized recommendations. Users have total control over their subscriptions.
Users can:
- get a personalized newsfeed
- opt-in to get news ONLY from blogs they subscribed to
- opt-in to receive news from any blog that our recommendation engine selects
- mute any blog or tag
- read articles on ANY language
- read everything from a blog they selected
- read everything about any topic they selected
- bookmark an article for reading later
- view their reading history

We have a lot more cool features in development. The current app's state is just the foundation for building on top of.

So far, users really love our recommendations and app design, and functionality.

It is just a side project we worked on after our day jobs. We really enjoyed the process and hope that people will hear about it and start using it.

App Name: Readian News
Public Release Date: 9 May 2021
Company: N/A
Contact Email: [email protected]
Rating on Google Play Store: 4.5 stars based on 31 reviews.

Here is a video explanation as well:
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Last updated 27 Aug 2021

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