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Reading Jets A to Z is a powerful way to help children learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet. The App is designed for children aged 3 to 7 years but is also suitable for anyone who is learning to read and write.
This app makes learning fun, motivating and enjoyable for children! It features three exciting and educational games for each letter of the alphabet. The games include letter tracing of uppercase and lowercase letters, identifying sounds with pictures and memory. Be warned: Children will be so entertained by this app that they won’t want to put their iPad down. Children can easily use this app by themselves! A robot guides children through each of the space-themed games and provides them with verbal and written support throughout.
Australian made, the app features an Australian accent and the NSW Foundation Font. Designed by qualified Primary School teachers, the app supports what children are learning at preschool and school. Parents and teachers should use this app in their homes and classrooms. It will keep children learning for hours!
What children can learn using Reading Jets A to Z:
- The order of the alphabet.
- Letter names and letter sounds.
- Correct pronunciation and sounds for each letter.
- Letter formation of uppercase letters and lowercase letters in Australian school font.
- The correct direction and starting points when forming each letter.
- To handwrite more easily and quickly.
- Words that start with each letter of the alphabet.
- To increase vocabulary, cognitive and concentration skills.
Why children love Reading Jets A to Z:
- Fun, engaging and entertaining.
- Bright and colourful space theme.
- Choice of robot with a cool name.
- Self- directed learning; the child can select the letter of their choice.
- Motivating; the robot provides positive praise and encouragement throughout.
- 3 different exciting and educational games for each letter of the alphabet.
- Easy to use; clear audio guide.
- Written and verbal Australian font and accent to provide instructions.
- Cute illustrations.
- Amazing star celebration upon completion of each letter.

Last updated 22 May 2014

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