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Save your blushes with this self destruct photo and video app that works on any platform

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Published 4 Apr 2013

[cont'd] panel for users to perform certain actions to the messages they have created - such as renew the message to allow different viewers to view the same message. Meanwhile, ReadOnce still has a lot of room for improvement. Currently the app doesn't have any tailored apps for mobile devices. Although it will still work on these devices, it is more convenient to create ReadOnce messages within a native app to be used on social networking apps like WhatsApp and Skype. Ultimately, ReadOnce is a free service so feel free to try it out because you have nothing to lose.
There is only one major thing that has brought apps like iDelete, SnapChat and ReadOnce onto the market and that is the art of sexting. There have been plenty of people who have regretted sending a 'sensitive' photo to someone - a certain Anthony Weiner is probably the most high profile of these. But it doesn't have to be its only use. It would be very interesting to see your friends' panic when they see the message you have sent them disappear in front of their eyes? ReadOnce's major attributes are that you can send anything - from audio and video messages to photos and text  - and still use your usual instant messaging application whatever it may be. Oh and it also has another's free.