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Playing games is one of those things that we love. It is one of our guilty pleasures and it is one of the best things that we can do to pass our time. However, to enjoy playing a game you would also need a really good game that can involve all your senses and present a sort of a challenge to us. And if you are looking for some game of that kind then the Real Fighter Kong is definitely the game for you. This is one of the jungle adventure games that you can play as many times as you want.

This is a type of real fighter games in which you have to ensure that your player, which is a gorilla named Kong, is able to pass through the various obstacles. There are quite a few levels and you get rewarded a maximum of three starts on clearing a single level. In this real fighter games for boys, the stars are rewarded according to the level or the quality of performance that you have shown while playing the game. One of the best things about this game is that it is free to download. You can download this game from Google or Play store. You simply need to search ‘real fighter Kong free download’ and then you can get your adventure game from there.

Once you have downloaded the game then you can start it and there will be three different options available on the screen. The three options available in the real fighter games for kids are Play, Tutorial, and More Games. It is advised that you should first click on the Tutorials options as this will enable you to understand the game before playing. After you click on tutorials there will be many buttons displayed on the screen. Those buttons and their meaning are mentioned below.

Change Weapon: This button will allow you to change and choose between the different weapons. The different weapons available in this real fighter adventure games are the stone, the bumerang, the stick, and the bomb. The weapons except the stick are present in a limited amount only.

Attack: This button will allow you to use your weapon and attack the various obstacles.

Jump: You can use this button to make Kong jump and navigate in a better way all throughout the game.

Support Skills: This button allows you to choose between all the support skills that are available in this game that has been termed as one of the best adventure games for boys. The various support skills available are speed shoes, health, and armor.

More Right and Move Left: These two buttons help in moving Kong to the right side and to the left side of the game. This game has been termed as one of the best adventure games for kids.

Score, Health, and Oxy: These buttons are present in the game to help the players in identifying their score, the total health remaining while playing the game, and the oxygen level of Kong. This game is definitely one of the best adventure games online.

Time Game, Pause, and Gold: The time game button is present in the game to help its users stay aware of the time that the game has been running for. The pause button is used to stop the game, and the gold button indicated the amount of gold that the player has.

This is a type of real fighter adventure game that was developed by Scoopgarage. This adventure game 2018 also has a shop in it. The players can choose to buy all the support skills, the weapons, and even gold that they can use in the game in this shop.

All these features make this game one of the best adventure games and the fact that this game is free makes it more compelling to download and play this game.

Last updated 31 Jul 2018