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Editor's review

Published 8 Aug 2017

Do you believe in ghosts? Is there an afterlife? Is there a world of spirits that exists in another dimension? Can they be contacted? These are all questions that have been asked since the beginning of time. There are accounts of 'talking boards' or 'fuji' existing in China way back in 1100AD (damn near everything seems to have its origins in China, doesn't it) but the Ouija board - as we know it - probably came to prominence after the American Civil War in the mid to late 19th Century. Mediums back then made significant amounts of money 'helping' mourners get in touch with their departed loved ones.

When I was a kid, the Ouija board was considered evil and we were discouraged from going anywhere near one but, these days, kids have seen so many gruesome horror films that they are regarded more as a bit of fun than anything else. For the uninitiated, a Ouija board has all the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 1-9 and a simple yes and no printed on it. Brave souls would ask the spirits a question while holding their fingers on a curser which, if they were lucky (or unlucky) would 'spell out' the answer to their question.

Now that we have moved onto the digital world it's only natural that there would be a Ouija app as a portal to the afterlife. Real Ouija is a new app for Android and iOS that takes the spiritual world into the digital arena. The idea being that users can ask the 'other world' questions on their smartphones and have a meaningful conversation from the world of spirits on the other side whenever they wish.

Real Ouija was put together by software developers Redwerk who help companies conceptualize, develop, test and launch online products and have on board a team of business analysts, software developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers and DevOps to deliver their product. They have put together a great little package that will amuse and hopefully enlighten users via the app's smooth animation, creepy ambient music and relevant replies to questions. Communicate with paranormal entities and ask the ouija about your destiny, your future and the past - or just chat with the spirits that you’ve summoned. Whether you are arranging a little sleepover or hanging with friends at a party, Real Ouija lets you talk to the spirits online and get meaningful answers to all of your questions.

Whether you want to ask the board if you will be rich and famous, who you will marry or whether your team will win this weekend, Real Ouija has all the answers - if you choose to believe them. While the app can be a lot of fun, there's nothing to stop you from asking more serious questions - though I'm not suggesting for a second that you should take it too seriously. To start off, the developers suggest that you ask the spirits a question or two that you already know the answer to. If you are happy you can go on to ask it for answers concerning the meaning of life if you like.

Real Ouija is a fun game that lets you communicate with the other side and ask the ouija about your destiny, your future and things from the past. If you don't want to get in too deep you can just chat with the spirits that you’ve summoned and see what they come up with. Whether you are arranging a little sleepover for friends or simply hanging out with your friends at a party Real Ouija lets you talk to the spirits online and get meaningful answers to all of your questions. The app is available now for a small fee for Android, iPhone and iPad.

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