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Keep track of your road toll payments in real time

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Published 20 Nov 2018

[cont'd] pocket at the end of the day. Real Time Tolls is a new app for Android that takes all the hard work out of record keeping of tolls paid. It's designed specifically for ride share drivers, couriers and long-haul truckers and simplifies the process by providing real time downloadable details of every toll paid as you travel the country. 

The app uses GPS to track your location so all you have to do is to press the 'start ride' button when you set off and the Real Time Tolls app will do the rest. When the trip is over just click on the 'stop ride' button and you're ready to download and submit your records for recompense from the powers that be. The app will record your name, email address, the date, your vehicle (including the vehicle number) and all the details of the tolls and the amount you paid. Simple as that. 

Drivers have enough to think about without having to worry about making notes about trips taken and tolls paid. This automated system ensures you'll never forget a paid toll ever again. While it was designed for toll roads in the US it will also work in Canada, Mexico and India. Real Time Tolls is available for download right now for free at the Google Play store.