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Editor's review

Published 26 Apr 2012

Realikety is a very interesting new take on the social networking concept that works on the theory of 'liking' anything you see on your travels or just out on the street. Whereas Facebook gives you the ability to 'like' videos you love, photos you want to share and witty and clever updates from your friends, Realikety adds a new spin by getting you to snap photos of things and places you find while on the go, set the location of your shot, add relevant information to go with it and post it for friends to enjoy, react and comment on.
The snappily named Realikety was put together by Alpine Crawler developer 3D Magic Kft and adds a new twist to the social networking phenomena. Rather than the normal indoors and online social experience, it aims to take you out on the streets to do your networking.  It has elements of Instagram, adds geolocation and Wikipedia technology and gets all social like Facebook and claims that it will change the way you look at social networking. While Realikety is not a Facebook instant cam and not a check-in app and not a photosharing app it contains elements to all three as the application allows users to "Like" anything on the street - similar to how you  would "like" videos, images and other posts on Facebook and the web.  It then counts and shows "likes" in real time and users can comment on everything they see and you can see just what other users think about the posts.  Whats more, it uses the iPhone camera and has GPS, Wikipedia and Facebook integration for a even more enhanced social experience.
There is a proviso that the developers have put on using Realikety. It's not an application for using indoors sitting on your couch. It's a free app for being out in the streets in the real world with your iPhone, snapping shots of interesting things and places, adding interesting comments and locations and sharing them in a social way with your friends. Rather than sedately sitting behind your tablet or computer at home Realikety gets you out snapping interesting buildings, beautiful vistas, objet d'art and anything else that stimulates you optically and share those images right there and then on your iPhone. It's good for your aerobic capacity, your mental health not to mention your social standing.

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