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Published 24 Jan 2013

The RealtimeBoard is the digital equivalent of carrying a white board around with you. The difference between the days of the white board and now though are vast. With this 'whiteboard' there is a neverending canvas, pictures and illustrations as well as copious amounts of rich media tools to create your vision. But the biggest twist between then and now is that you can share and collaborate with team members in real time making RealtimeBoard a great app for creative teams.
RealtimeBoard is a new application for creation of projects and collaboration with colleagues in real time - it's an online whiteboard, with benefits, and supplying endless canvases with a great array of tools to illustrate your project. This allows you to work, either individually or in collaboration with a team, with any information and visual content you need on one board. You can work with images and create simple sketches of complex info graphics using shapes, text and mark-up tools, PDF-files, you can write notes and comment on everything. You can use colorful “post-it” style stickers for notes and even use Google Drive. RealtimeBoard is all about collaboration and you can invite your friends and colleagues to work on projects with you in real time with changes displayed and saved in real time for everyone. Forget about endless streams of emails going back and forth discussing aspects of your project. RealtimeBoard saves a vast amount of time by letting you collaborate in real time and make decisions on...