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Developer description

Reason Roulette is a unique roulette challenge that will be played in either 1 DAY or 10 DAY modes. When playing the reason roullete strategy you will CHALLENGE your reasoning and logics with your choice of numbers on the roulette table.

◬ Imagine Roulette then Flip it on its Head. Reverse Roulette with a feature chip in 3D.

◬ Played for FREE or in conjunction with real life or online casinos where you can gamble / wager with real money using the reason roulette strategy.

◬ No sneaky purchases of coins packages, absolute limitless Free play. Unlimited challenges

◬ Full Review of challenge results including the reasoning behind your number selections.

Adjust your perspective!! Does everything happen for a reason?

The Reason roulette app

◬ Reason Roulette does not use the le bouchere, cancelation system or split martingale system.

◬ Reason Roulette does not use Guerrilla gambling tactics.

◬ Both American and European roulette wheels are compatible with Reason Roulette

◬ Reason roulette has no control over the numbers spun and uses a random number generator, provably fair.

Experience the Evolution of casino games and take the Reason Roulette challenge TODAY, free or tonight at your desired casino.

Last updated 5 Oct 2017

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