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Reblog Assist – Add Tags & Reblog. Tumblr Blogging Made Easier.
Simplify your Tumblr blogging with Reblog Assist for FREE!
Blogging on Tumblr should be a fun and simple process. However, sometimes we are tired of typing in tags every time we want to reblog. Don’t let the cumbersome tagging process stopping you from reblogging on Tumblr! We have found the solution and created a simple and straightforward app to solve this problem.
Tumblr Reblog Assist is the ultimate app for Tumblr reblogging on iPhone. Now you don’t have to repeatedly set the right tags for every post. Create a list of tags you want to use and use them again and again. Whenever you want to reblog something, simply choose the tags you already created and post. It’s that simple!
• FREE. Simplify your Tumblr reblogging for free with Reblog Assist.
• SIMPLE. Our reblogging app is very simple and intuitive to use.
• PRE SET TAGS. Set your tags once and reuse them later.
• TIME SAVING. Save time and effort by choosing tags from the list.
• MULTIPLE TAGS. You can select up to 10 preset tags for your reblog.
• VIEW POST. View posts you have liked within our app.
To use our app, log in with your Tumblr account. Enter the preset tags. Add text and tags and press the Reblog button. You can also view your favorite blogs within our app.
There is no looking back once you feel the convenience of using our app. With Reblog Assist you can literally reblog on Tumblr in just a few seconds. So, download Reblog Assist for FREE now and enjoy a much simpler and faster reblogging process on Tumblr!
Please contact us via email if you find an issue with our app. We also welcome any suggestion and feedback to improve our app. If you enjoy our app, please take time to support us by leaving a rating and review!

Last updated 9 Jul 2016

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