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Recapture abandoned Magento online shopping carts for free and bring your customers home

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Published 19 Aug 2015

[cont'd] shopping carts in your Magento store. It only takes 5 minutes to set up and comes with free advice on how to react to the problem. What’s more, it’s completely free. Once you've set up your campaigns you an easily email customers who abandon a cart and offer them other inducements - maybe a discount or a special offer - to entice them back. Once you've got their attention, the app lets your customers retrieve their abandoned carts along with its contents and complete the checkout. Recapture offers completely free analytics with the option of unlimited email sending for only US$39 per month - delivering maximum value for your online store. The inbuilt intuitive email builder makes it incredibly simple to create beautiful, responsive email templates. You get to choose how many times and how quickly you want to send emails to customers and you can even include a customized coupon code or a special offer to help things along.

Potentially, there are thousands of dollars being lost to business because customers, for one reason or another, abandon their shopping carts before closing the transaction. If you had to analyze those carts yourself, you could easily make the argument that it's too much trouble to chase them up and put it into the 'too hard' basket. But a free app like Recapture makes it incredibly easy to follow up on those abandoned carts and maybe recapture their business. The detailed analytics are simple, straightforward and...