Developer description

The Photo Recipe App is one of the best apps to manage recipies on an iPhone and iPad!

The best photo recipe appThe Photo Recipe App is an electronic alternative to the conventional recipe book. How often you have seen quite interesting recipes and had no possibility to take them with you? With this new app you can simply take a photo of a recipe and store it on your device. The recipes can be changed any time or be complemented with comments. If you see an interesting recipe whether it was fixed on the fridge, or was taken down in a book, you can add it immediately to your recipe collection. The app gives you the possibility to edit recipes at any time and place.

Some categories are already given in the app. They can be changed any time or you can also add new ones. Once stored you can simply share them with your friends. The app offers as well the possibility to send recipies by e-mail or psot it on Facebook and Google Plus. All recipies can be easily stored in DropBox so that they are accessible from different places and devices. With the new version audio-comments can as well stored.

Several photos can be stored for a recipe, as well as handwritten information.

Last updated 20 Oct 2015

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