Developer description

Recipe Direction offers a simple and intuitive way to create your own recipes. It is focus on four main areas, the list of recipes, the recipe details, the shopping list and the agenda.
From the list of recipes you can get a random recipe, by tapping on the header with the category name. It is useful for the moments you don’t know what to cook.
The recipe details, which is the main point of the app, has all the essential tools, in a clean design, to prepare your meals. You can schedule the meal in the week agenda, you can add the ingredients to the shopping list, mark directions done, and activate a timer for your control.
With the shopping list, you can replace the paper whenever you go shopping, because it is an editable list, despite the ability to add ingredients from a recipe, you can also edit or create new items on it. For better use, whenever you go shopping, you can lock the list.
And the agenda, which is a fixed week view, is intended for a better organisation.

To see how to create a recipe, you can watch this video from the youtube:

Last updated 6 Aug 2015