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Recipe Kitchen offer over +100,000 recipes all at your fingertips. It's super easy to search ... More

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Published 7 Sep 2013

To me, the hardest thing about cooking dinner is actually coming up with the idea of what to eat in the first place. I have no problem with knocking something up in the kitchen but it is that touch of inspiration that's generally needed to stir me into action. That's why a food, recipe and cooking application like Recipe Kitchen is such a useful thing to have around. It's a beautiful looking app for iOS that offers over 100,000 searchable and easy to find recipes. Where this differs from many similar food apps is by providing a barcode scanner where you can scan the ingredients in your larder and look for relevant recipes
Recipe Kitchen offers you squillions of brilliant, varied and fully searchable recipes that can be easily found at the touch of your finger via your iPhone and iPad. But, its the app's ability to search  for recipes by ingredients that is the real icing on the cake. The developers have built in a unique barcode scanner that allows you to scan the ingredients in your kitchen quickly and to use that information to search for recipes that you can cook with them. Recipes displayed in the app come from multiple sources from right across across the web meaning you get the best of whats out there and across all food groups, countries and proteins. You can even add your own recipes to share with the world. Finally, or the well organized...