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Published 7 Sep 2013

[cont'd] among us there's also a tool to help manage your food shopping.  Just add all of your recipe's ingredients to your shopping list with a simple touch of a button or add items individually  All data is synced across any of your other devices that have your app installed.  Future plans are to have a feature called 'Tips & Tricks' where you  get to share the various shortcuts and clever moves that you have picked up in the kitchen. Maybe the ones you remember from when you were a kid.
I feel for the humble paper recipe book. I have a kitchen full of recipe books in my kitchen but, more often than not, the first thing I do when I am deciding what to cook is to find an online recipe. Recipe Kitchen offers a comprehensive selection of great recipes - over 100,000 of them - meaning that you are guaranteed to find pretty much any recipe you want. The added bonus of this easy-to-use and beautifully illustrated food app is the barcode scanner. Just scan the stuff you ave in the cupboard and the app will search out recipes based on what you have. Recipe Kitchen could well be the only recipe book that you will ever need.