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Developer description

Convert multiple contacts from MS Excel file into VCF format in simplified way.
RecoveryTools Excel to VCF conversion software is a complete solution for converting multiple email contact information from XLS, XLSX or CSV file into vCard format. This software has a very fast conversion process and can convert thousands of contacts from Excel file to VCF file in seconds.

There are plenty of causes that arises the need of conversion from Excel to VCF format, although MS Excel is a finest way to manage contacts because of its tabular format. But still if you have to maintain these contacts in any email platform then saving them one by one is a cumbersome task. So, to ease this procedure it is recommended to convert Excel saved contacts into VCF file as .vcf file format us supported by plenty of email clients, android, iphone, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Unique Features of Excel to vCard Conversion Application

• Multiple contacts from Excel can be converted into single VCF file

• XLS, XLSX and CSV files is supported by Excel to VCF converter tool

• Single VCF file can be created for each contact

• Demo version is available for free of cost and converts 5 contacts from Excel to VCF file

Last updated 6 Sep 2014

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