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Web is crowded with job boards but they are not helping job seekers to get the right job nor are they helping recruiters finding the best talent. Reason behind this is that all job boards are still using resumes to represent candidates. This is why we created Recroup, which is not a job board but it’s your career Launchpad.
Challenges: At Recroup companies can post challenges. Those challenges can be anything from writing a sales pitch to creating a micro blogging site. So now job seeker can take a break from sending resumes and take the challenge to prove their skills. This helps recruiters to find the best talent for the job without digging into tons of resume. At many occasions these challenges can serve as first round of interview.
These challenges serve even greater value to recruiters since they allow them to create a talent database of people with proven skillset.
Applicant Story (Profile): Every job seeker is different but resumes make them all look the same. This is why at Recroup we replaced resumes with a profile that allow job seekers to display the full spectrum of their capabilities. Applicants can add their social media account like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and their technical profiles like Github and Stackoverflow to receive badges on their online activities. This helps applicants to display their social presence to recruiters in a secure and protected manner.
Perk Board: We know that companies spend millions on talent by offering them amazing perks but prospective employees hardly know about those perks. At Recroup we allow companies to create a perk page for their organization and showoff what they offer apart from the salary. This gives companies an opportunity to increase response rate for their job position by 4 times and also create more interest among job seekers. Share the perk page on web and spread your awesomeness.

Last updated 25 Sep 2013

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