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Never run out of the important things ever again

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Published 4 Dec 2013

[cont'd] no surprise deliveries and you'll always have the stuff you need on the shelf. And, to avoid any problems, they will alert you 3 days before your order is ready for despatch so you can make last minute changes or cancel and reschedule the order.
One of Recurify's snappy little catch phrases has a little George W Bush about it but sums up what this app is really all about. "Don’t change your habits, Recurify your orders." It makes your life just that little bit easier and ensures you will never run out of the things you love most and use all the time. It doesn't matter whether you are ordering locally or internationally through a webshop because Recurify is a global organization that turns any of your preferred and favored orders into flexible subscriptions with the added option to cancel, reschedule or add orders making your live even easier.