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Developer description

ChargeBee is an all in one Subscription Billing Solution to handle all the complexity of recurring billing.

ChargeBee Inc., a Delaware Corp was founded in 2011, now serves hundreds of customers globally. Accel Partners, one of the prestigious venture investors is now an investor in ChargeBee.

ChargeBee as a product is simple, intuitive and requires no training to handle the billing process. Companies like Freshdesk (SaaS), Soylent (eCommerce Subscription) use ChargeBee to quickly launch their Subscription Business and it gracefully handle the complexities using a very robust API, to scale every aspect of business. ChargeBee has gained traction primarily via word of mouth and is proud of its exceptional customer support.

The product integrates with a range of other SaaS applications including SalesForce, Accounting, Order fulfillment systems. The product also has a free trial that you can signup online.

Last updated 13 Oct 2014

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