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Developer description

Our app lets you repeat an event any way you want. Like a project meeting on Monday and Thursday every 2 weeks, or a reminder to send out your tax invoices on the last Friday of the month. With Recurring Events you can create such complex repeating events with just a few taps! You can even preview occurrences before adding an event.
All events are fully customizable and compatible with every iPhone calendar app. The features of our app are:
* Create an event with just a few taps.
* Supports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly repeat options.
* Create appointments with very advanced repeat options.
* Preview of all the occurrences of a calendar event you want to add.
* Option to set the end date of a recurring event or the number of times an event occurs.
* Compatible with every iPhone calendar program (e.g., Easy Calendar and Week Calendar).
* Supports iOS5 and iCloud calendars.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015