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When android app launch default browser - it may be started only for simple resolving url (if some shortener was used). For example, where you click on 'youtube' url in twitter - it opens browser, browser loads last opened page, open new tab, load url, detects it url may be handled by installed application, launch that app and close opened tab.

Now, with Re|Director it can be handled much faster - Re|Director catches 'browser launch' request, resolve url, and launch appropriate application immediately. Or lauch browser.

Optionally - Re|Director can extract content and show article itself - with built-in html reader (similar to Readability).

And more - Re|Director can determine application, who asks to 'launch browser', and call preconfigured non-default browser, or show 'Open with...' dialog.

After Install:
when Android show Open With Dialog after Click on URL - select 'Re|Director' and press 'Always'
(this action are required for Re|Director works)

Preffered Browser - Browser, Used as Fallback for JustRead - in cases, when Re|Director could not parse article content

URL Handling Rules - Individual App/Url Behavior
Icon on left side of List Item - shows 'Calling Application' - i.e. application, that wants to open URL
There, first item are 'Default Handler' - applied to all unknown applications
'Default Url Handler'

Icon on right side shows default target for all urls, coming from 'Calling Application'
possible targets includes:
installed applications - for example, stock browser, Chrome, etc
Ask - Re|Director will Ask user each time - which application should handle URL
note: You may check 'Remember selection' in 'Open With' dialog, and Re|Director remember that selection as default For Application
JustRead - Re|Director open Article in built-in reader

Last updated 8 Nov 2015

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