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Next generation money management for the financially challenged

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RedMica is the next generation personal financial guidance application. It was designed to serve ... More

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Published 16 Dec 2012

As much as anything else, RedMica is kind of like intervention for the financially damaged. This cloud-based financial application is aimed at giving the more 'money challenged' of us the same opportunities for sound financial advice as the big guys and is a great way to manage your personal finances -all from your mobile phone. This next generation intuitive money management device uses powerful analytics to work out what you've spent, what you can spend and what can happen to you if you spend it and gives you a great overview of your financial affairs.
RedMica is the next generation personal financial guidance application that was designed to serve all of us who don’t have access to an expensive financial advisor and don't exactly have a lot of spare time to devote to managing your money and doing time-consuming future projections. It is simple to use and has a stunningly beautiful interface for both browser and mobile users. This easy to navigate interface provides a constant financial adviser with powerful analytics to trace your household income and expenses as well as giving you a personalized overview of your finances. The app's intuitive side kicks in by providing real-time, forward projected, personalized financial guidance based on the your profile, your income, your usual spending habits. This encourages a better overview of your monetary situation and helps avoid your making bad financial decisions. Let's put it this way, maybe you really want to buy that festival ticket...