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Published 20 Jan 2022

So, how are your blackjack and poker skills coming along? Are you ready for that trip to Vegas yet? Well, if they're not quite up to scratch, here's a good way to improve them from the comfort of your own home...or on your commute to work...or, in fact, anytime you have a few moments. What's more, you can win some great gift card prizes while you're doing it. Reel Stakes Casino is a new free casino game for iOS and Android that is a mixture of card games and slot-machines and it helps you to hone your card skills whilst having plenty of fun along the way. 

Reel Stakes Casino is one of those 'easy to learn but tough to master' games that you can play on your smartphone anytime that you have a few moments. It gives you the challenge of poker and blackjack and mixes that up with the thrill of the slot machine. Interspersed with them are a whole bunch of mini games and bonus events so you can try your luck and have a chance at winning gift card prizes to the top brands. 

Reel Stakes Casino

So, how can you win the big prizes? Well, to start off there's the poker or blackjack games where you can test your skills and build up your chip stack. When you are successful at that you can earn the right to take a spin on the slot machines and maybe win free prize entry tickets or even have a chance at the progressive jackpot which could be worth a small fortune. Winning hands can also deliver everything from extra spins to chip multipliers to entry into the big ticket grab. There are thousands of dollars of prizes up for grabs each month and there's no limit to how many times you can enter. 

The game is quick to learn and you can go from beginner to winner in a thrice as your card skills improve and your luck improves. Then you can spin the slot reels, play exciting mini games and play the big ticket grab for your chance to cash in on the big prizes. If you want to prove yourself as a master of the game you can play the challenges and mini games, play against others to get to the top of the leaderboard and get entry tickets for prizes worth anything up to 500 bucks every month. 

Reel Stakes Prizes

The first things you're going to notice about Reel Stakes Casino are the impressive graphics and the pumping soundtrack. Hey, it's almost like being in Vegas itself except that there are no free drinks, sticky carpets or little old ladies with purple hair wandering around. It's an addictive game and, if casino games are your thing, you'll be picking it up any time you have a spare five minutes with the chance to win your share of the big prizes on offer every month. You may not be in Vegas yet but it's going to feel like it when you've played Reel Stakes Casino. 

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