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Published 27 Jun 2016

If you are a small time app developer you must be getting pretty sick of the big guys dominating the app market. It's a bit of an unfair playing field really because money talks and nothing gets you further in this business than hard cash. Until now, that is. It's said that the top 1% of app publishers monopolize the world of app promotion. Naturally, it was only going to be a matter of time before someone came up with an app that leveled things up a little. That’s why a group of adtech veterans, engineers and entrepreneurs (and cardboard bear lovers, apparently) designed ReelContent. Its sole aim is to make effective digital advertising accessible and effective for all budgets and all sizes of business.

ReelContent is an advertising, promotion and marketing app for iOS that changes the game when it comes to connecting your app with the audience that you designed it for. This self-service platform advertises your app directly to your target audience on the most popular mobile sites and apps. Wrapped up in a sleek and easy to use platform, the app gives you the services of a top-of-the-line advertising agency but at a fraction of the cost that the biggest developers pay.

In truth, ReelContent Apps is great app promotion for the 99% of small time developers who don't seem to get the same benefits as their bigger brothers. The idea here is to help independent app developers and entrepreneurs - like yourself, I'm...