Developer description

We recently created an iOS and Slack app that helps automate your status based on your current location. Re:loc was designed to allow co-workers, friends, associates, or even strangers to have transparency into your general location while maintaining privacy.

There was a massive shift in where everyone was working this year. While many were forced to work from home for a period of time, others switched between their home and office. The locations of our co-workers became harder to keep track of and made us feel more disconnected. And updating our Slack status across multiple channels daily or even multiple times per day became a burden. While we were comfortable sharing location with a few close people, we weren’t ready to open our locations to everyone in our business network. The issue of sharing location while maintaining privacy was a tricky one.

For this reason, we decided to launch re:loc to help share your location with co-workers, friends, or associates more easily without giving up your coordinates.

The service allows you to display emojis to represent your location in Slack. Members of your Slack team will see emojis representing your location, but they won’t know your coordinates. Knowing others’ general locations helps us feel more connected in a time where many feel isolated.

Last updated 24 Dec 2020

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