Developer description

★Test your memory skills with Remember Dots!★
★Quit playing mindless games on your iPhone and iPad and start playing a game both fun and mind stimulating!
★How to Play:
When you tap play, a set of colored circles will appear. Watch as the circles highlight in a certain pattern. When ‘Go’ appears at the top of your screen, repeat the pattern by tapping the correct circles in the correct order. For each correct circle tapped you get a point. If an incorrect circle is tapped you lose a life and have a chance to retry the round. You start with three lives.
★Tests your visual memory skills with different size and different color circles. Memory skills a bit rusty? Try it on easy and everything will slow down for you. Not challenging enough? Try the hard setting and the circles will light up for only a fraction of a second!
★Great for all ages!!!
★Three difficulty levels
★High score
★10 different colored circles

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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