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Developer description is a free email reminder service. With this service you can schedule your messages ... More

Editor's review

Published 20 Oct 2011

Just think how popular you would become if you remembered all the important events coming up over the next year or so. Firstly, of course, you'd never miss a birthday again. Maybe you you need a reminder on the earliest date you could purchase those tickets for the big festival before they sell out. Or maybe you could use as a business tool and schedule all your customer greetings messages for the major holidays for the year to come. This email reminder tool fulfills all those services and more. is a free email reminder service where you can schedule your messages for the future. Now whether you look upon this as a business tool or a personal reminder tool is totally up to you. Many businesses use sites like this one as a means to schedule their advertising based around the major holidays. So let's assume it's Easter. Wouldn't it be good to inform your customers about your Easter egg availability, your opening hours or even just a general email wishing them a pleasant holiday? As a personal Reminder tool the list of uses is endless. From remembering Auntie Liz's birthday to reminding you when to pay the rent is a simple to use tool. All you need to do is to Sign up with your email address, input your intended message and set the date and will let you know when to send it and whether you want to make any changes.

There are a few of these email alert reminder tools in the app market. They more or less all do the same thing. If you are a business you might appreciate your new found ability to be better organized on scheduling your future emails. If you use it as a personal reminder then you'll never forget Auntie Liz's birthday ever again plus you won't have to put up with your mother's jibes about your forgetfulness next time you're back at home. is a simple to use tool with a thousand uses.

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