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Published 23 Jan 2012

We rely on our memory so much, don't we? But between our work life and our leisure time there are just so many things to remember yet we admonish ourselves when we forget a birthday or forget to pay a bill on time and incur a penalty fee. So why put yourself through it when there are productivity tools like ReminderGuru available to remember for you. But this one doesn't just remember - it will send you an email or an SMS to remind you to buy that present for your Auntie Doris or pay that Amex bill on time.
Reminders are a necessity solution to successfully navigating today's fast-paced world with its tighly packed schedule and ever changing calendar. ReminderGuru is a free online service that allows anyone to create reminders for delivery by either email, sms/text or phone call. Reminders can be set to recur and sent on a regular basis whether it be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. There's no complicated calendar-phone syncing needed nor any hi-tech know how needed whatsoever. I don't know about you but it really irritates me when i get charged a late payment fee on a bill that i've simply forgotten about it. But it doesn't have to be just bills and Auntie Doris' birthday present that you can be prepared fir. Apart from bills and birthdays you can remid yourself about tasks that need to be started, homework deadlines, early morning wake up calls or even a doctor's appointment? With today's packed schedules, ReminderGuru can help you manage your calendar with ease.
Here's a productivity tool that you can (and probably will) use every day. ReminderGuru provides a simple, in-the-cloud solution that allows you to schedule your reminders for delivery where you want them, when you want them and how you want to receive them. And you wont have to be a computer geek to do it. You can use this app to create reminders for yourself (or for others, if it comes to that) and have them delivered by email, SMS or in a phone call. Just think, you'll never have to pay for a wake up call again. ReminderGuru is user-friendly, fast and free.

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