Developer description

RemindThis was established in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs who found the way to make visitors return and visit websites. The use of RemindThis is simple, efficient, powerful and easy to implement. Moreover, the service is given free and helps many websites around the web to increase traffic to them and also to pleasantly and quickly remind them to return to websites they were interested in.
Not once do we visit by chance or after a scrutinized search, a website and find interest in it. We’re interested in returning to visit that same site a week from now, a month, or in a specific date; adding the website to the favorites list will cause it to disappear among dozens of other websites we’ve added. Turning on RemindThis will remind us to visit the website exactly in the date we want to. Thus for example, if we browsed in a website offering birthday gifts and we’ve tracked down a cool product that fits exactly to our partner, but his\hers birthday is only three months from now – there is no better way than RemindThis to remind us a few days in advance to revisit the website. The benefit is great even for both the site owner and the surfers.

Last updated 4 Apr 2011

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