Developer description

Remix Wallpapers
This wallpaper App is based on the concept of applying special effects, ranging from complex low poly designs to simple Duotone and Black & White filters, on simple CC0 pictures, taken by amazing artists and photographers on websites like Unsplash and Pixabay.

The images that have been used are free for all purposes and fall under the CC0 license.
Nevertheless, Appropriate credits have been provided to each photograph. Do follow the respective Photographers if you like their work.


• Cloud Based Wallpapers
• 4K Quality. Each Wallpaper of Resolution 3200x4200
• Optimized Placement, for Portrait screens.
• Favorites Section
• Daily Updates

There will be new wallpapers added everyday, with new filters and effects you've never seen before. The Application is still under development, so any kinds of bugs or crashes can be reported directly on the Play Store.

A good review is Always appreciated.

A big thanks to the Jahir Fiquitiva for the Frames Template.
Much More to Come.
Your Support is Highly Appreciated.

Last updated 22 Feb 2018

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