Developer description

Remotix is a highly rated VNC viewer for iOS that makes remote access to Macs and PCs really fast and flawless.

General features:
- Remote Access to Mac OS X, Linux and Windows
- High speed and flawless performance
- SSH tunneling with both password and public key authentication methods
- LAN Scanner and IP address range scanning
- Bonjour server discovery
- Designed for both iPhone and iPad
- Application Help is available online

Features for connections to Mac servers:
- Adaptive quality option for slow Internet connections
- Optional server-side scaling
- VNC Password and Mac OS X authentication methods
- "Through Clipboard" mode
- Observe/Control feature
- Horizontal two-finger scrolling
- Ability to select the display mode

Input Events:
- Extended keyboard layout
- International keyboard support
- Full set of multi-touch gestures
- Right-click mode
- Modifier keys

Last updated 27 Jun 2012

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