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A dating app where you spend less time on your phone and more time meeting face to face

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Rendezvous, the new dating app that will match singles in your area and will also suggest ... More

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Published 16 Jan 2020

As I'm sure we are all aware, there are heaps of dating apps out there. Some are better than others. They've all got their individual 'thing' that sets them apart from similar apps but most offer a fairly similar scenario. Find someone who looks good, check out their profile and chat away. The emphasis is generally about getting to know someone and, if you're lucky and you seem reasonably compatible, maybe then it's time to take things further. One of the problems with this, however, is that many folks on dating apps aren't necessarily who and what they say they are. We've all seen the show Catfish. They just want a bit of online fun rather than meeting up and taking a relationship to the next level.

Rendezvous Date is a new dating app for over 18's that takes a somewhat different approach. The thought process is this:  the longer you take to meet up face to face , the less chance there it is of happening. So, rather than putting the emphasis on chatting online, the app aims to take the relationship beyond the app and actually encourages meeting up. While offering the usual swipe up / swipe down philosophy of most other dating apps, this one not only matches you with singles in your area - and even suggests locations - but also offers reviews of previous dates that your 'interesting partner' has had. Its a definite 'rate your date' that I haven't seen...