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The Rental Business Management app is a universal mobile solution designed to help today's real estate, vacation, car and other rental professionals work more efficiently and effectively.

This mobile app combines a lot of useful features into one integrated system. If you own a rental company you can easily manage your entire business with a smartphone or tablet. It covers the entire rental cycle from adding a new item to the data base, making it available for rent, leasing it to a customer, quoting the customer and issuing a special rental report, specifying when it is back and making available for rent again.

The app is a universal mobile solution for anybody who runs a rental business:
- real estate: houses and apartments
- cars and vehicles
- tools and equipment
- office furniture
- clothes and even more!

The Rental Business Management mobile tool helps you increase your productivity by organizing your rental information, having a total control over it, tracking statuses of all items you offer for rent and automating the reporting option. This convenient, easy-to-use mobile app is designed to make your business more productive and efficient, help in optimizing the workflow and improving customer satisfaction.

Summary app features include:
• Create a mobile database of the items for rent
• Sync collected data across multiple devices
• Have a full access to the data base via the app: add, edit and delete items
• Lease items to the customers via the app
• Create rental reports that include rental details, customer’s information, payment data and the quote for the service
• Change item status from ‘Available’ to ‘Rented Out’ and vice versa depending on whether the item is rented by a customer or returned back to the shop
• Track items according to their statuses (‘Available’/ ‘Rented Out’)
• Automatically calculate the quote for the rent based on the time it is rented for
• Retrieve PDF rental reports and share them via email, Facebook, network drives and other sharing options available on device
• Work in online/offline mode

By utilizing the Rental Business Management app you will have the following benefits:
• Optimize the workflow
• Have total control over the production flow
• Increase productivity and efficiency
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Avoid penalties
• Improve data accuracy
• Save time and reduce costs

Last updated 28 Apr 2015

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