Developer description

What is more obnoxious than scrolling through Craigslist on your desktop trying to find a relatively normal roommate to live with? Not much.

So we created a FREE app that connects renters looking for roommates. Our app is like Tinder so you swipe right on renters you want to connect with and chat.

The secret sauce is the ease of the app and that before you get connected with somebody, you have a good idea of whether they will be compatible with you or not. Here's how easy it is.

Login with Facebook, say where you need a roommate, what your situation is and you are ready to go.

You will be able to see user's mutual friends, mutual interests, education and job history so you can be confident you are talking to a credible and legitimate person. Swipe right on those you want to connect with and if there is a match, chat with that person and get your roommate situation figured out!

Last updated 9 May 2016

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