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Published 14 Dec 2011

For all of you landlords out there still coping with spreadhsheets, desk diaries and a card index system for maintenance contractors this one is for you. With most aspects of property letting covered RentMonitor does more than just keep an eye on who owes you what. Before you can start collecting rent you need to have a tenant and most importantly you need to have a tenant you can trust to pay on the dot. This site gives you the tools to create great looking ads for your properties and get them on to the likes of Craigslist and Property Signs, and when prospective tenants show up you can then get their credit rating checked out via Trans Union.

Keeping check of rent owed and paid can be a nightmare if it involves different systems but bringing it all together on this one will streamline the process and give you some time back. With a very clear screen showing what’s due and overdue you can very quickly send e-bills, receipts and late notice correspondence.

There is a great calendar function allowing you to keep on top of tasks relating to your properties and in particular any maintenance requirements. This feature also lets you store maintenance contact information and assign work orders when something needs doing.

It’s easy to see how this system can not only make a landlords life easier but also that of the tenant. On top of that the only other worry is keeping the tax authorities...