Developer description

The music service based on the technology of streaming media in the World Wide Web and working by a principle of radio station. The distinctive feature of our IT-project is a continuous rotation of audio data in the authorship of independent artists who submit their own compositions.

Let's put it simply: it's a radio that audience create themselves. It is a place for amateur musicians, those who want to share their music to a wider audience and people who want listen to exclusive music from all over the world. Uploading your songs will take a while and in return you will get a place in the main list of songs and chance to be repeated in everyday’s refreshed playlist. Any visitor can vote for their favorite songs. The higher your rank, the higher is the position of your composition in the list, and the more often it will be repeated.

None of the features of our website require registration, which allows you to feel comfortable in the new world of amateur music. Listening exclusive tracks does not require any fees. You don't require installing any program and you also will not find any advertising or commercial announcements. We sure, you will understand what to click to start your adventure in the world of free music. And be sure, this is just the beginning of our abilities we want to share with you.

Last updated 6 Nov 2015

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