Developer description

ReplyAll is an essential app for anyone who needs to use his mobile to Reply to All calendar event attendees or forward an event to someone else. The ReplyAll App designed with all new beautifully iOS 7 Look & Feel.

Simply get the app from the app store, launch, allow the app to see your Calendar events, and find an event. You can tap long for a quick screen sheet w/Reply options or just tap to see the event details. Off course, you have the same reply options on that screen too. Use the toolbar to select the reply or forward options you desire. You can also tap the Action button to reveal additional options such replying w/new email or sending SMS to the inviter. Note that the inviter phone number should exist in your contacts to let the app get his mobile number to be used in the SMS app. However, if it’s not exist you can still use that option but you will have to pick the person mobile number from your contacts. If the event has attendees already they will appear on the email. The app gathers the email address and the event information such the time and location which means you don’t need to find it by yourself or start tapping it from scratch. You can also reply with a new email which in that case no event information will be attached to the email.

+ Reply to all attendees of a calendar event
+ Reply to the inviter of a calendar event
+ Reply to all or only to the inviter with a new email
+ Reply to the inviter by SMS w/predefined messages
+ Forward a Calendar event to a new attendee w/ICS file attached (The ICS file store calendar information which can be synchronized with other users' calendars.)
+ List all your calendar events w/most information
+ Browse and search your calendar events
+ Select Calendars from which the events will be displayed

Last updated 24 Nov 2013