Developer description

Beary's plane crashed in the ocean and this poor bear can't swim. Help him to reach the saving beach in this cute looking toon adventure with great wave and water physics.

Create a wave with a tap and use other creative items to save beary. Let him catch fish so he does not starve. But watch out there are sharks and other dangers out there so don't let him die.

Join the new level-based toon adventure “Rescue Beary” with realistic wave and water physics and help the cute bear to float through the toon ocean.

Play "Rescue Beary" and explore all the items and dangers in the ocean.
• It's a whole new and creative way to control your character
• Great and easy to learn addictive gameplay
• Create waves with just one tap to move beary around
• Realistic water and wave physics
• Many items to keep the gameplay interesting 
• Different dangers and obstacles
• Many levels with increasing difficulty
• Beautiful and cute toon graphics and animations
• Great looking toon water and waves
• Unlock all extra levels
• Try to collect all 3 fish in every level
• Be creative to make it through all the levels in this water physics adventure
• Play completely offline

You need to be creative and smart to get all 3 fish in every level and unlock the extra levels.
Can you solve all levels and save beary out of the ocean to the beach?

Last updated 30 Jan 2019